Thursday, March 31, 2016

How to pass a drug test, what are your options

So you’ve been sentenced with a urine drug test. Before you freak out, realize there are many options for you available. The urine test has been around the longest, and that means you have the best chance to pass.Before we go any further, make sure you are taking a urinalysis only. If you’re looking for more information about passing your hair drug test, check out our page dedicated to that. If you need help with a mouth swab drug test, we’ve got you covered here.

Okay, now that we are on the same page, let’s dive into the different options you have available to pass your urine test.1. Abstain (not what you want to hear!)

Obviously, you don’t want to hear this, but stopping your drug use for a certain period of time can help you pass. I want to make one thing clear, this page is designed primarily with the pot smoker in mind. The information provided is still valuable to all other drug users, but it is important to understand that marijuana stays in your system the longest of all the drugs. If you did cocaine over the weekend (let’s call it Saturday night), you could more than likely be ready to pass by Tuesday. Cocaine is usually out of your system in 48-72 hours. On the other hand, weed can linger in your body for up to a month–sometimes longer for some!
Not sure how long you need to stop? Well, the truth is, it is different for everyone and every situation. Seriously, people with higher metabolisms with ultimately burn out the THC molecules faster than overweight people. On to the next option.2. Powdered Urine Kit

This isn’t some garbage powder that mixes with your pee to produce something comes out yellow. It is dried urine put into powder. The one we recommend can be found at This method isn’t for the faint; you will have to be comfortable to walk-in to your drug test a powder taped under your pants. It’s definitely an option, but I can understand if you don’t feel comfortable taking that risk.3. Drug Test Friend

Okay, powdered urine just isn’t your thing–I get it. Don’t sweat, there is still another reliable option to pass your urine test. If you feel the stakes are high, and can’t afford to fail, then we recommend Detox pills for THC. These pills actually clean out marijuana out of your system, its not just masking.

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